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Our Story

PYSCIS was founded in 2019 by a father and daughter with the explicit mission to source only the world's highest quality tinned fish and seafood delicacies, seasonally and with a specific emphasis on sustainability and species awareness.

"My father and I have always bonded over our love of food.


Growing up we had a weekly ritual where we’d pick one dish and try it at every restaurant that served it in order to create our personal ranking of the best versions across town.


When he opened a store in Vienna dedicated to serving 500+ specialty fish and seafood tins from around the world, a lot of people would ask him “but what possessed you to do such a thing?” Whenever this happens he likes to grin and say “but isn’t that everyone’s dream?” 


Now that we run PYSCIS together, we’ve turned that childhood ritual into a wonderful reality, traveling through Spain at the height of the late-summer season, tasting every version of seasonal tinned seafood delicacy we can get our hands on.


We hope that the end result will find its way onto your table and delight you as it does us. We believe the conserves will speak for themselves."

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