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sardines 'heritage' (2022)

sardines 'heritage' (2022)


Our gold-standard 'heritage' sardines were caught off the coast of Cambados, the heart of the artisanal tinning industry. Using the age-old, labour intensive 'do xeito' method of catching sardines with traditional gill-nets ensures for the highest quality meat, processed locally in fresh small batches, and preserved at the height of the season in late August of 2022.


There are approx. 300 specially licensed fishermen left who are able and permitted to sell their catch as 'do xeito', representing a precious part of Spanish food cultural heritage, and the number of strictly regulated canneries that are able to process these rare and delicate catches is dwindling too.


Ingredients: sardines (gill-net caught, 10-15 pcs.), olive oil, salt. Net weight 130g, drained weight 110g.

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