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sardina pilchardus “royale” vintage 2019


Our “royale” sardines are characterised by the firm bite of their meat and singular taste. The 15-25 sardinillas were placed in our tins by hand and have been allowed to infuse in the specially selected Spanish olive oil for approximately 40 months. These less fatty, smaller sardines have been ripened to perfection, helped along by floral notes and an extra virgin component of the olive oil.

Our new “royale” boast the highest level of Spanish quality control - a paper seal can be found in some of our tins with the number of the woman who packed the sardines by hand in Cambados, Galicia.


mytilus galloprovincialis (blue mussels in garlic and chili) 2022

The Mediterranean blue mussel chosen by us for this specific recipe with garlic and guindilla chili is lovingly grown in Galicia, the heart of artisanal tinning, and permanently bathed by the clean moving waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Our mussels are larger-sized than the previous production (now 12-16 pieces per tin), and paired only with olive oil, garlic, guindilla chili and a pinch of salt. They are now packed in a rectangular tin.

The removal of the pre-cooked mussels out of their shells, as well as the laying into tins, is done entirely by hand. Rigorous quality control ensures that only the best, undamaged, uniform mussels make it into our tins.

auxis thazard (little bullet tuna filets) 2022


This fish species is a lesser-known member of the tuna and mackerel family. Our smaller, young bullet tuna filets (also known as melva canutera) come from La Tarifa in Andalusia; we prefer it over the other more commonly canned tuna species for its taste, but also due to the fact that it is a far more sustainable and healthy option.
Bullet tuna is in no way endangered or overfished.

The fillets (approx. 600g whole fish catch weight) are hand-boned, skinned and pared, before being infused with the very best Andalusian olive oil.

ensis ensis (razor clams in olive oil) 2022

Our Galician razor clams live and grow in the sands of the river estuaries and bays in protected waters near Cambados. They are manually farmed and harvested at the height of the season, by local women, using traditional methods. Usually tinned in brine, these razor clams are laid by hand and filled with Spanish olive oil, creating a richer taste and highlighting the delicate yet firm bite of this fresh clam's flesh. 



Our packaging is made of greaseproof and waterproof parchment substitute paper, only printed on one side. The outer packaging can be used as a a small picnic ersatz plate or simply enjoyed as a print. The rubber bands are made of natural rubber and are reusable. All our tins are packed by hand in Germany and Austria.


sardina pilchardus “taste” 2020


Our “taste” sardines are caught very close to the shores of Galicia, Northern Spain using traditional gill or panel nets, which is called the “do xeito” method and is a Spanish cultural food heirloom. This age-old and labour intensive method is only used by a few specially licensed fishermen and represents the gold standard of sustainability. It ensures that the sardine is significantly less stressed and not squeezed or damaged in the process of being caught, which is reflected in the taste and quality of the meat. The amount of fish caught in these gill nets is also very limited, making it a very exclusive and rare product. These mid-sized sardines are combined with native extra-virgin olive oil made of the Manzanilla variety, known for its intense fruity notes, a perfect pairing for the character and quality of our "taste" sardines.

crassostrea giga (smoked oysters in olive oil) 2021

Our lightly smoked oysters were produced in a very limited run in November of 2021.

Allowed to grow to a larger size than usual, they are then shucked, smoked in small batches and hand-tinned in olive oil in a women-owned, women-run cannery just 50 meters from the beach in Galicia.

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