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Spring Mussel Onigiri

Ingredients (makes 6 pieces)

3 cups sushi rice (cooked and cooled down)

Sesame Seeds

Dried edible flowers

1 tin PYSCIS Blue Mussels in chilli and garlic oil

Miso broth (optional)

Separate the cooked rice into 6 equal portions (wet your hands with a bit of water and rub together to prevent the rice from sticking to your hands)

Pick up one portion of rice and make an indent, placing a mussel or two inside and then fold over and lightly press into a ball. Use the palms of your hands to squeeze the rice into a triangular shape, rotating as you go so it’s even.

Repeat with the remaining portions of rice.

Arrange your sesame seeds or dried edible flowers in a shallow bowl, then place each onigiri in to cover.

Serve in warm miso broth or enjoy as is!


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