A marriage of quality, tradition, and handicraft. 
Limited edition, gourmet tinned fish sourced in Spain.

Conserves rethought.


At PYSCIS, we endeavour to produce the very best gourmet conserves - annually and exclusively in limited editions, combining quality with a new approach to tinning.

Fish and seafood species that have fallen out of the focus of the can industry and consumers but are of interest to us due to their culinary properties and sustainability aspects play a major role here. 

Wrapped only in parchment paper and fixed on the side by natural rubber, our ecologically sound packaging reflects what makes up its contents; quality, tradition & craftsmanship.





We have taken the very best of the summer 2020 catch and the finest vintage 2018 conserves and expanded our limited editions, produced in Spain at the height of the season, to ensure the best possible raw materials.

Of the late summer 2018 and 2020 catch, we have:


  • sardina pilchardus “taste” - 2020 sardines in olive oil (10-15 pcs), 130 g / edition of 3000

  • sardina pilchardus “beauty” - vintage 2018 sardines in olive oil (12-16 pcs), 115 g / edition of 4000

  • mytilus galloprovincialis - 2020 mussels with garlic and chili, 110 g / edition of 3000

  • auxis rochei - vintage 2018 fillets of bullet tuna in olive oil, 115 g / edition of 3000

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